Mythbusters: Jesus Never Judged People, He Just Loved People

If you watch T.V. you’ve heard it. If you have ever discussed issues of morality with a co-worker or neighbor you’ve heard it. If you have ever shared your faith, you’ve heard it in some variation: “I don’t judge people” or “I think it is wrong, but who am I to judge?” or “Christians are not to judge but to love like Jesus” or “He who is without sin should cast the first stone” (translation: “We are all ‘sinners’ so mind your own business!”)

Have you ever noticed that the world would like you to believe that only perfect people are in a position to “judge others”? Jesus serves as the poster-child for the “who are you to judge me” crowd when He refuses to judge a woman caught in the very act of adultery, a crime for which being stoned to death was the penalty. However, Jesus refuses to judge. Instead, Jesus chooses to seemingly forgive and reject such a harsh judgment in favor of love (see John 8:1-11). Is that true? Is Jesus giving us a new example that Christians are supposed to choose to overlook the blatant sin of people and just love them regardless of their choices or lifestyles? Are you prohibited from telling someone they are wrong? And, if you do, does that mean you are not choosing to love? Today you will find out the answer to these questions.

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