Connections : Life, Friends, and God

Right after the Sunday morning service we have “Connections.” This year we are having several different groups and topical teachings. Connections is a great way to get to get to know others while exploring the Bible.

Larry Farlow & Gary Dirrim
Room 26 | Missions Partner: Courageous Servant Ministries

Study the church with us this year! First, inthe fall, we will be studying church history, covering major events in the church from the book of Acts to the present day. We will also touch briefly onthe history of Grace Fellowship. We will transition in the spring to a study onthe book of Ephesians, which gives wisdom and direction about how to live in community with one another in our daily lives.

Greg Graze & Brad Williams

Room 23 | Missions Partner: Blackshear Respite Program

Join us as we walk through a study of the book of Philippians, “To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain.” The study will be a video and study series led by Pastor Matt Chandler, teaching pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, TX. This is a walk through one of Paul’s most intimate letters—Ephesians—as he discusses what it is to be a mature Christian. Additionally, our class will have an emphasis on building relationships and growing in Christ through service, outreach, small group, and spending time withone another outside of Sunday morning.

Ken Rutherford & Jeffrey Stables

Room 21 | Missions Partner: Helping The Elderly

We are a highly interactive, discussion-based class that’s doing a topic-by-topic study insystematic theology. The class’s balanced and casual format invites deep thinkers and the uninitiated, and all ages are welcome to both learn and contribute. In order to apply biblical teaching to your life (or to teach someone else), you must gain an understanding of what the whole Bible teaches us today. Systematic Theology is that process of developing, from the contents of Scripture, an orderly framework for understanding each of the subjects that the Bible teaches. Systematic Theology is any study that answers the question “What does the whole Bible teach us today?” about any given subject.

 Zac Watson & Pearce

Room 27 | Missions Partner: Abba House

The primary aim of our Connections class is to foster camaraderie of discipleship. On Sunday mornings, we will go verse by verse through different sections of Scripture, starting with the Sermon on the Mount. When we draw near to competing that study, our class will work together to select the next book or section of scripture to be studied.

As we study, pray, and spend time with each other, we hope to see the members of our class growing as a community of disciples who love one another, serve others, honor The Lord, and effectively display His glory.